October 2014

Be Kind To Your Neighbors

Posted on30 Oct 2014
"All of this bad behavior, mannerisms and interactions that we are used to when it comes to our neighbors is a way of life that we need to break."

Advice To The Youth

Posted on23 Oct 2014
"It this audio we are talking take some time out to give some advice to the Muslim Youth. We find that it is important that they are addressed and given some directions as to what their responsibilities will be in the near future."

So Much Evil Speech

Posted on09 Oct 2014
"We really need to make a change in how we use this body part that Allah gave us, which if only used correctly could lead to more good than we could imagine. Otherwise, we will continue using this enormous blessing as a tool to lead us to Allah's punishment."

Can You Believe He Did That???

Posted on02 Oct 2014
"Whoever conceals his Muslim brother’s faults and weaknesses, Allah will conceal his faults and weaknesses on the Day of Judgment. Whoever exposes his Muslim brother’s faults, Allah will expose his faults to the point that he will be disgraced in his own home."
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