April 2014

Making Tawbah

Posted on17 Apr 2014
"In this video we are talking about an issue that is important to every single Muslim on the face of the earth. As a matter of fact, it is an issue that I am sure that the people in the graves wish they had an opportunity to implement one more time. This is the issue of 'Tawbah or Repentance'."

What Do You Mean Haraam?

Posted on10 Apr 2014
"In this video we talk about this word 'Haraam'. This is not a word that is foreign to most, if not all Muslims. The only thing remaining is that we need to make sure that our understanding is correct about the term. This way we can make sure that our stance toward certain things are correct. May Allah grant us all with tawfeeq and correct understanding about this religion. Allahuma ameen."

Understanding The Term Makrooh

Posted on03 Apr 2014
"In this video we discuss with you a term that has become familiar on most of our tongues. This is 'Makrooh.' Unfortunately many of us have been left to our own understanding about this word, which as you know can be a dangerous situation. For this reason, we wanted to talk with you about the actual meaning that the Scholars have in mind when they say that something is Makrooh."
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