February 2014

The Goal

Posted on27 Feb 2014
"We have to remember that we are Muslims for a reason. We pray, fast, give charity and all of those other forms of worship because we are trying to reach a goal. This goal is gaining the pleasure of Allah by following the way of His Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم) to the best of our abilities."

Being Upright

Posted on20 Feb 2014
"This is what this short audio is about. In it we discussed the issue of being upright after accepting Islam as a way of life. We talked about how important it is, how we were commanded to do so and the reward for the one that does this. So take a few minutes and get some benefit from this recorded class."

Entering Into Islam Whole-Heartedly

Posted on14 Feb 2014
We find that many times, we see that most people take being Muslims very lightly. We see that people pick and choose which parts of the religion that they want to practice. The problem with this as you will see, is that Allah commanded us to take the whole of the Religion and practice it to the best of our abilities. This is what was focused on in this class.

Character Building Workshop

Posted on03 Feb 2014
"This is the registration page for anyone interested in this 'Character Building Workshop'. Once you finish your registration, you and your loved ones will immediately be able to begin benefiting from this FREE COURSE".
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