October 2013

Verifying Information

Posted on31 Oct 2013
This is the situation of individuals not verifying that which is told to them about other Muslims. This situation is ripping our communities, households and friendships to shreds

My Brother’s Keeper

Posted on24 Oct 2013
It's clear that many of us have not been taught what brotherhood and sisterhood is in Islam. Many times we find that when we sit back for a second and ask ourselves, we find that this whole situation may not be nearly as clear as we previously thought.

What Now?

Posted on21 Oct 2013
We do not only busy ourselves with this during major times of the year and around the times of the 'Eids, but rather these things should be our focus all year around. We need to remember that our increasing in worshiping, praising and remembering Allah is our way of thanking Him for everything for which we have been blessed.

The Virtues Of Dhul Hijjah

Posted on07 Oct 2013
This is the audio of one of our classes which was given about the "Virutues of Dhul Hijjah". In it we discuss some of the reasons why the first 10 days, and the worship that is done in them are so much greater than those same deeds when done outside of that blessed month.
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