May 2013

Working Toward Purifying The Soul

Posted on16 May 2013
He tied success to one's purifying their soul and cleansing their hearts from bad mannerisms and actions. As well He tied it to remembering the name of ones Lord along with adorning oneself with different types virtues.

Meeting On Common Ground

Posted on10 May 2013
The thing that is important to many of us, is that we are said to be the victorious one, or the one that came out on top of the argument at the end of the day. We need to check ourselves and our actions. Is what we see that we involve ourselves in during these disputes really from Islam? ...

Still refusing to confirm it before you repeat it?

Posted on02 May 2013
In these days and times we very often come across information that when and if we actually checked into it, would show that either it is completely incorrect or that it isn't exactly as it was related to us. Subhanna Allah. We find this often.
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