March 2013

The Four Types Of Love

Posted on28 Mar 2013
In his book entitled “The Explanation of Some benefits from Surah al Fatihah” Sheikh Fawzaan made absolutely clear that Muhabbah (Love) is of four types and explained these types. He numbered and explained them as follows: ...

The Ghusl on The Day of Jumua’ah

Posted on21 Mar 2013
Is the ghusl on the day of Jumua’ah an obligation on us or is it just something that is recommended that we do? If the person makes ghusl from sexual impurities the night of Jumua’ah, does that suffice as his ghusl for Jumua'ah? Understanding that there are some people that say, “The day begins at midnight”, so if the ghusl is not accepted if we pray it at that time, then when is it an acceptable time to make it?

Understanding The Prostration of Forgetfulness

Posted on14 Mar 2013
Some of the Imams make the prostration of forgetfulness after the tasleem (salaam), and some of them perform it before the tasleem. As well, some of them make it before sometimes and after sometimes. So when is the correct time in which it was legislated to do so before the tasleem, and when is it legislated to do so after it. Also, we would like to know, is the ruling for that which was legislated to prostrate for before and after the salaams, is it an obligation or something that is recommended?

Making Changes

Posted on07 Mar 2013
The first two types are both legislated in Islam. The third type is left up to the ijtihaad (or reasoning) of the scholars. The fourth type is forbidden in Islam.
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