July 2012

A Major Reason For Humiliation…

Posted on30 Jul 2012
"When you read it and the history books, you see the outcome of all of those nations that were not thankful to Allah for what He bestowed upon them. You will see the results of those that were ungrateful for Allah's blessings and used that which Allah has blessed them with, for other then the obedience of Allah."


Posted on19 Jul 2012
Question: What is the ruling for ‘Itikaaf? Is it permissable for the person making ‘Itikaaf to leave to take care of a...
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Fasting On Friday

Posted on19 Jul 2012
If a person fasts every other day, and one of the days happen to fall on Friday, is it permissible to fast it??

The Day of A’shoorah

Posted on19 Jul 2012
He (may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him) said, "I have more right to Moosa then you all, so he fasted it and told the others to fast it" (narrated by al Bukhari and Muslim).
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